Bariatric Advantage NutriTotal

14 servings
  • "All in 1" powder mix for before and after bariatric surgery.
  • A calorie poor powder based on whey protein isolate, enhanced with 23 essential vitamins and minerals.
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Bariatric Advantage NutriTotal is a calorie poor powder based on whey protein isolate, enhanced with 23 essential vitamins and minerals. 1 serving of this "all in 1" powder mix contains the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals and 30 grams of proteins (50 % of the recommended amount of proteins). 1 portion of NutriTotal is an equivalent to 1 chewable tablet/ 2 capsules or 1 portion of Bariatric Advantage Multi, 2 tablets of Bariatric Advantage Calcium citrate and 1,5 portions of Bariatric Advantage Whey.

You can take Bariatric Advantage NutriTotal both before and after bariatric surgery to replenish any deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

  • Gluten free

Use: 1 serving (= 3 measuring scoops) daily or as recommended, blend into 300 ml of water or skimmed milk.

Caution: Food supplements must not be used to replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed stated dose. Keep out of reach of young children. This food supplement is not recommended for hildren below the age of 10. Not recommended for people taking coumarin anticoagulants. Contains sugars and sweeteners of natural origin from the stevia plant.

Nutritional information per serving (51,5 g)

Nutritional value Per serving
kcal 161
kJ 676
Lipids 0,31 g
Saturated fatty acids 0,10 g
Carbohydrate 8,1 g
Sugar  3,3 g
Fiber  2,8 g 
Protein  30 g 
Salt  0,3 g


Plants - Nutrients Amounts in mg per serving *RI 100 g
Vitamin A 800 µg 100%  1553 µg
Vitamin B1  4,2 mg 382% 8,2 mg
Vitamin B2  2,8 mg  200%  5,4 mg
Vitamin B3 32 mg  200%  62 mg
Vitamin B5  12 mg  200%  23 mg
Vitamin B6  2,8 mg  200%  5,2 mg
Vitamin B12   500 µg  20.000%  971 µg
Vitamin C  160 mg  200%  311 µg
Vitamin D  50 µg  1000%  97 µg
Vitamin E  24 mg  200%  47 mg
Vitamin K  135 µg  180%  262 µg
Folate (Metafolin®) 400 µg  200%  777 µg
Biotin  100 µg  200%  194 µg
Iron  14 mg  100%  27 mg
Calcium  1000 mg  125%  1942 µg
Chrome  80 µg  200%  291 µg
Copper  1000 µg  100%  1942 µg
Iodine  150 µg  100%  155 µg
Manganese  1 mg  50 %  1,9 mg
Magnesium   60 mg 16%   117 mg
Molybdenum  100 µg  200%  194 µg
Selenium  100 µg  182%  194 µg
Zink  22,5 mg 225%  19 mg
Choline bitartrate  5 mg    9,7 mg
Inositol 5 mg    9,7 mg
Psyllium husk fibres 3000 mg   

*RI: Reference Intake

Amino acids Amount in mg per servings
L-alanin 1410
L-aspartic acid 3420
L-arginine 630
L-cysteine 780
L-phenylalanine 900
L-glutamic acid 5250
L-glycine 540
L-histidine 510
L-isoleucine 2040
L-leucine 3210
L-lysine 3120
L-methionine 690
L-proline 1770
L-serine 1320
L-threonine 2100
L-tryptophan 630
L-Tyrosine 900
L-valine 1620

Metafolin® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Ingredients: Whey protein isolate (milk and soy), carrier: maltodextrin, calcium citrate, psyllium husk fibers (plantago), isomaltulose*, magnesium bisglycinate, vanilla flavor, thickener: guargum, potassium chloride, ascorbic acid, sodium chloride, zinc bisglycinate, iron fumarate, niacinamide, sweetener: steviol glycosides, alpha-tocopheryl acetate, manganese citrate, calcium pantothenate, sweetener: sucralose, mixed tocopherols, thiamin mononitrate, choline bitartrate, inositol, betacarotene, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, riboflavin, copper citrate, retinyl palmitate, chromium picolinate, methylcobalamine, calcium-L-methylfolate, potassium iodide, selenomethionine, sodium molybdate, phytomenadione, biotin, cholecalciferol

*Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose

No Questions

What does the "all-in-1" formula of Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal contain?

One serving of Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal corresponds to one chewable tablet or serving of Bariatric Advantage® Multi, 2 chewable tablets of Bariatric Advantage® Calcium Citrate and 1.5 servings of Bariatric Advantage® Whey.  Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal also contains fibres to facilitate intestinal transit.

Can the intake of Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal be spread out over the day? 

Yes. 1 serving of Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal corresponds to 3 measuring spoons, to be diluted in water or skimmed milk, and to be kept in the fridge. These servings can be spread out throughout the day.

Can Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal be taken as a meal replacement?

Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal is rich in proteins (30 g protein per serving but low in fats and carbohydrates and therefore not recommended as a meal replacement. By contrast, thanks to its specific composition, Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal is the most complete product for bariatric patients to compensate for vitamin, mineral and protein deficiencies before and after surgery.

I do not eat enough protein. Can I take several servings of Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal so as to achieve a minimum of 60 g protein a day?

One serving of Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal contains the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals, so it is not really advisable to increase the number of servings. To meet your daily need of protein, it is best to supplement your diet with one or more servings of Bariatric Advantage® Whey. Always ask your doctor for advice.

Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal contains magnesium. I therefore wonder whether it may be taken with milk. Is the absorption of magnesium not hindered by the presence of calcium?

Certain types of magnesium that are taken with milk may cause competition with calcium, resulting in reduced magnesium absorption. A good calcium/magnesium ratio would be 2:1. However, the magnesium present in Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal is in the form of magnesium bisglycinate, so it will be properly absorbed and not enter into competition with calcium. Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal may therefore be mixed with milk. Ask your doctor for advice if you want to know more.

What is the origin of the whey proteins in Bariatric Advantage® Whey and Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal? If they are of animal origin, can they also cause allergies?

Whey proteins are present in cow's milk and may therefore cause allergies. Bariatric Advantage® Whey and NutriTotal are therefore only gluten-free. 

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