Price and Delivery Information

By placing an Order, the Customer undertakes to arrange for the receipt of the goods and to pay all taxes, duties and any other present and future costs arising from delivery of the goods ordered. Metagenics cannot be held jointly and severally liable in this respect

Delivery will be carried out by recognised transport companies. Delivery rates and times, see below.

Upon receipt of the goods ordered, the Customer or the consignee must check the goods for defects and damage and take note of the conditions of use and instructions provided. Should one or more of the Products ordered be defective or damaged, the Customer or the consignee must immediately express formal appropriate reservations to the carrier at the time of delivery.

If a package has not been received notwithstanding multiple attempts by the carrier (maximum three attempts), it will be returned to Metagenics and the consignee informed by e-mail. An additional delivery may be requested by the Customer who will have to bear the associated costs (even if the first shipment was free).

Unless the parties have agreed another delivery time, Metagenics will deliver the goods without delay, and in any case not later than 30 days after conclusion of the agreement.

If Metagenics has not met its obligation to deliver the goods at the time agreed with the Customer or within the period referred to in Article 5.6, the Customer requests that delivery be made within an additional period that is deemed appropriate according to the circumstances. Metagenics will bear the costs of this additional delivery. Should Metagenics fail to deliver the goods within the additional period, the Customer will be entitled to terminate the agreement.

Upon termination of the agreement, Metagenics will immediately pay all amounts due under the agreement. In such a case, no other compensation can be claimed by the Customer from Metagenics. 

Delivery Time Products

After confirmation of the Order and acceptance of the payment by the body in charge of the Transaction, Metagenics undertakes to send the Products ordered to the Customer at the delivery address specified, taking into account a general delay depending on the destination (see table below: Delivery Information Products). 

Delivery Information Products

Country  Rates   Free Delivery from  Delivery 
Austria  €       4,50  €    50,00 3-5 business days
Bulgaria  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Croatia   €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Czech Republic  €     11,99  €  150,00 2-4 business days
Denmark  €       6,99  €  150,00 3-5 business days
Estonia  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Finland  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
France  €       4,90  €    44,00 2-3 business days
Germany  €       4,50  €    50,00 3-5 business days
Hungary  €     18,99  €  150,00 2-4 business days
Ireland  €     14,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Latvia  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Lithuania  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Poland  €     18,99  €  150,00 2-4 business days
Portugal  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Romania  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Slovakia  €     21,10  €  150,00 2-4 business days
Slovenia  €     11,99  €  150,00 2-4 business days
Spain  €     14,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Sweden  €     18,99  €  150,00 3-6 business days
Greece   €     24,99  €   200,00 4-5 business days
Switzerland  CHF 9,50  CHF 100,00 3-4 business days
United Kingdom  GBP 9,95  GBP 150,00 3-6 business days

 Remark: Additional shipping costs for delivery to non-mainland addresses and overseas territories will be communicated once your order has been processed.