Bariatric Surgery

What is bariatrics?

Bariatrics – also called bariatric surgery or obesity surgery – is the branch of medicine that deals with the research and development of obesity or overweight. The term was coined from the Greek “baros” (weight) and the suffix “iatros” (doctor).

Source: The Oxford dictionary 

Goal of a bariatric surgery?

Drastic and lasting weight loss 

There are 2 types of bariatric surgery: 

  • Surgery through which the stomach is reduced, such as gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy. Food intake is restricted because the contents of the stomach is reduced. This way, your stomach will feel full sooner.
  • Surgery through which the stomach is reduced and the absorption in the small intestine is limited, such as gastric bypass and Scopinaro procedure (biliopancreatic derivation with duodenal switch). The absorption of the essential nutrients in the small intestine happens as normal.