Specific supplementation after bariatric surgery is important

Why specific vitamins?

It is of the greatest importance that deficiencies are replenished quickly and efficiently. It is therefore recommended to opt for a food supplement specifically developed for bariatric patients. Standard nutritional supplements are not enough after bariatric surgery, they are too low in dosage and are not well absorbed. Therefore, always opt for specific bariatric supplements to stay in shape.

4 important criteria a food supplement must comply with

1. Specific composition

Choose a rich supplement, adapted to the needs of bariatric patients: the right ingredients in the right amounts. Make sure that your multivitamin contains all the key vitamins and minerals, some other supplements in the market are missing copper, selenium, manganese, very low dosage of thiamine...

Since deficiencies are not only dependent on the type of surgery, but may differ individually as well, we offer a complete specific multivitamin in the right dosage, which prevents or replenishes most deficiencies. In case of particular individual needs, supplementation of separate products may offer a solution.

2. Active forms & high biologic availability

Bariatric surgery changes the body’s needs. It is of crucial importance to select ingredients that are well absorbed by the body. Vitamins in active forms do not need to be transformed by the body anymore and can immediately be absorbed by the body. 

Minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium… in an easy to absorb form (such as bisglycinates, citrates and fumarates) have a high bio-availability and are recommended to replenish deficiencies quickly. 

Calcium citrate, for instance, is an organic mineral salt and therefore 25% better absorbed than calcium carbonate and, moreover, no acid environment is needed to be absorbed (because the acidity of the stomach decreases after bariatric surgery). 

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3. Different tastes & forms (capsules, chewables, soft chews...)

At Bariatric Advantage we know that the better a supplement tastes, the more likely people are going to remember to take it. For this reason, we have developed tasty chewables in different flavors for you to enjoy! We offer also soft chews that taste delicious and are easy to use on the go, because they are wrapped individually. If you have difficulty swallowing immediately after your operation, opt for food supplements in the form of chewable tablets which you do not have to swallow and can take without water.

4. No possible discomforts

The right form of ingredients is not only important for a high absorption by the body (high bio-availability), but also to reduce the occurrence of possible discomforts, for instance zinc bisglycinate instead of zinc gluconate. Zinc bisglycinate is a chelate, a neutrally bound form which will not react with other nutrients. It is a form which is very easy to absorb by the body and does not cause any discomforts, such as diarrhea. Such discomforts may occur if zinc gluconate is taken, because this form is not easily absorbed by the body.

The Bariatric Advantage range contains ingredients in an easy to absorb form and are precisely dosed in accordance with the bariatric ASMBS-guidelines (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) and are very well tolerated. Choosing the right form of ingredients also reduces the occurrence of possible discomforts.

Christel Scharfenort, leader of several self-help groups, tells us!

"The products from Bariatric Advantage are of high quality, and I also have a wide range of choices, both in terms of taste and dosage form. I don't like taking the same tablet every day. At Bariatric Advantage, the product range is so wide that I "I have a lot of alternatives. They're always introducing new flavors. Most recently, calcium with a peach-mango flavor. That's what I like best at the moment. The customer service is optimal for me, I always get good advice."

Photo : NGZ