Why Bariatric Advantage food supplements before and after bariatric surgery?

96% recommend Bariatric Advantage Multi*


reported a positive result on their blood levels (vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron...)*


had a better quality of life*


had more energy*

*Consumer survey March 2023, 312 Multi consumers.

Composition, absorption and superior quality are very important to us

Scientifically formulated

  • Specific composition
  • Correctly dosed
  • In accordance with latest Guidelines 1,2,3

We offer the best nutritional supplements for our patients and their individual needs

Every human being has the genetic potential to live a healthy life. Whether we also use our full health potential depends on various factors: our lifestyle, diet and environment. We want to offer the best nutritional supplements for our patients and their individual needs. 

At Bariatric Advantage, we closely follow the latest international guidelines and scientific publications to provide you with the best solution.

Since deficiencies are not only dependent on the type of surgery, but may differ individually as well, we offer a complete specific multivitamin in the right dosage, which prevents or replenishes most deficiencies. In case of particular individual needs, supplementation of separate products may offer a solution.

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Optimal absorption

  • The best ingredients in the right form
  • Without discomfort

Much more than a standard nutritional supplement

"In addition to product quality, an important factor is bioavailability. When we take a substance, such as a vitamin or mineral, it has to travel through the body to where it is needed. Along the way, some of the original amount may be lost, for example because of stomach acid or because the intestines cannot absorb it all. Our job is to find the form of the substance that gets the most of it to where it is needed. " Mieke Van Den Driessche, VP of Global Science/R&D at Metagenics.

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Highest quality

  • Own production, quality controls at each stage
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • In compliance with the strict regulations of the European legislation.

Product quality is our top priority

Bariatric Advantage® is a brand of Metagenics. Metagenics has its own research and development department, its own production facility, a state-of-the-art laboratory and its own shipping department. This ensures maximum control over the entire quality process. A total traceability is set up, from the raw material to the finished product.

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We have over 20 years of experience in developing nutritional supplements specifically designed to meet the needs before and after bariatric surgery. Our food supplements are manufactured in compliance with the strict regulations of the European legislation.

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