Follow up care after a bariatric surgery

After gastric surgery, you may eat less and absorb fewer vitamins, minerals, and proteins. To maintain your weight loss over the long term, it is important to make lifestyle changes.

Adjust your eating and drinking habits

Exercise sufficiently

Take specific vitamins & minerals daily

Delay becoming pregnant until your weight is stable

Nutritional advice

Bariatric Advantage closely follows the latest international bariatric guidelines1,2 and scientific publications to provide you with the best solution.

The recommendations after any type of surgery are:

  1. Daily intake of a specific multivitamin at an appropriate dosage
  2. Daily intake of calcium (citrate): 1200 - 1500 mg / day
  3. 60 grams of protein per day, requiring an additional protein supplement2

The recommendations in case of pregnancy/desire:

Women's nutritional needs may vary from pregnancy3 desire to the end of lactation, so a specific composition is essential.

  1. Daily intake of a specific pregnancy multivitamin
  2. Daily intake of calcium (citrate) : 1500 mg / day

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