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Your essential Multivitamins & Calcium for 3 or 6 months
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  • A unique mix of VITAMINES & MINERALS in easily absorbed forms

This bundle (for 3 months) contains:

  • 1x Multi Capsules 180
  • 2x Calcium Citrate Peach-Mango 90

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Bariatric surgery reduces the volume of the stomach, so you are able to eat less. Moreover, depending on the type of surgery, vitamins and minerals are less easily absorbed by the body. A general vitamin and mineral deficiency is therefore inevitable.

Bariatric Advantage bundle Multi Capsules + Calcium Peach-Mango

    • Best price offer for the Bariatric Advantage best sellers
    • A unique mix of VITAMINES & MINERALS in easily absorbed forms

Bariatric Advantage Multi Capsules - 180

Bariatric Advantage Multi is a unique mix of vitamins and minerals in easily absorbed, active forms.

    • Easily absorbable minerals:  bisglycinates (chelates), fumarates and citrates.
    • Vitamins in active forms: vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (Metafolin®) and vitamin B12.
    • Lactose, soy and gluten free

Use: 2 capsules daily or as recommended.

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Peach-Mango - 90

Bariatric Advantage Calcium citrate is a calcium supplement.

    • 500 mg calciumvitamin D3 (500 IU) and 15 μg vitamin K2 per chewing tablet
    • Based on easily absorbable calcium citrate
    • Unlike calcium carbonate, calcium citrate does not require an acidic environment in the stomach to be absorbed.
    • With vitamin D3, which promotes calcium absorption in the gut. The improved calcium absorption supports bone remodelling.
    • Vitamin K2 helps calcium absorption in the bones and contributes to maintaining strong bones.

 Intake tips: 1-3 chewable tablets daily or as recommended.

    • Daily intake of calcium.
    • For optimal absorption you should take the tablets throughout the day.
    • To ensure optimal absorption of all minerals, do not take the calcium chewing tablets along with multivitamins or Bariatrics Advantage Magnesium & Vitamin D. E.g. mornings, afternoons between meals and evenings before going to sleep.

Caution: Food supplements must not be used to replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed stated dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Contains sweeteners and sugars.

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