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How long after ingestion is magnesium absorbed?

Magnesium is absorbed by the body 1 to 2 hours after intake.

Is it possible to overdose on magnesium?

There’s no risk of overdosing on magnesium, except in case of severe renal insufficiency. Generally, a magnesium surplus is quickly eliminated through one’s urine.

Can Calcium inhibit the action of Magnesium?

Yes, important quantities of Calcium, taken at the same moment with Magnesium, can affect the absorption of Magnesium. Therefore, do not take the Calcium soft chews along with Magnesium. For example take the Magnesium tablets during the meals and the Calcium soft chews between the meals. To guarantee an optimal absorption of both minerals it is better to let at least 2 hours between the two intakes of the different minerals.

Are there any side effects to taking Bariatric Advantage® Magnesium & Vitamin D?

Bariatric Advantage® Magnesium & Vitamin D contains magnesium glycerophosphate, is not laxative and is well-tolerated. Therefore, Bariatric Advantage® Magnesium & Vitamin D® doesn’t cause cramps and/or diarrhoea. 

Why does Bariatric Advantage® Magnesium & Vitamin D contain vitamin D?

Vitamin D ensures that magnesium stays in the body longer and, conversely, magnesium ensures that vitamin D is activated. Vitamin D is equally important for the immune system and for strong bones and teeth.