General quenstions - Alle general questions

I am a healthcare professional who would like to contact Bariatric Advantage®.

You can call us Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 17:30. From Germany or Austria call the free number 00800 337 733 33. From elsewhere, call us on 0032 59 80 58 24.

Alternatively, you fill out the contact form on our website. We will respond as quickly as possible.

How can I change my shipping country?
Once your account is linked to a shipping country, we make sure that you see all the correct prices (including VAT) after logging in. Because this country controls many processes, it is not possible to change it yourself. If you would like to change...
Can Bariatric Advantage® products be taken by people who have not undergone bariatric surgery?

Yes, but please consult your treating doctor first.

Can Bariatric Advantage® products be taken during pregnancy?

Yes, all Bariatric Advantage® products can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Are Bariatric Advantage® products suited for vegetarians and vegans?

All Bariatric Advantage® products are suited for vegetarians except Bariatric Advantage® Vitamin B12 I.F. Bariatric Advantage® Iron and Bariatric Advantage® Zinc are suited for vegans as well. 

Do Bariatric Advantage® products contain lactose, soya or gluten?

All Bariatric Advantage® products are gluten-free. However, Bariatric Advantage® Calcium Citrate Soft Chews contain soya, and Bariatric Advantage® Whey and Bariatric Advantage® NutriTotal contain soya and traces of lactose. 

Why do I have to create an account before I can make a purchase?

We are unable to process and deliver your order if you do not have an account. Setting up an account unlocks lots of advantages:

  • It speeds up the ordering process, because your details are entered automatically. You can add several addresses to your account to select the address you want a specific order sent to, such as your home, your work, someone in your family or a friend. 
  • You can check your order history and your open orders.
  • Your account helps us provide you with the best possible (online) service.
Are Bariatric Advantage® products reimbursed by my health insurer?

Contact your health insurer for more information.

When can I call customer services?

Our customer service agents are ready to take your call Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 17:00 on the free number 00800 5955 5955.

From what age can Bariatric Advantage® be used?
Bariatric Advantage® was specifically developed for bariatric patients and can therefore be used from the age of 18. Patients under 18 years undergoing bariatric surgery may also use the Bariatric Advantage...
How can I contact Bariatric Advantage®?

You can contact us through various channels. You can call us on 00800 5955 5955, email us at [email protected] and chat with us on our website. Alternatively, you fill out the contact form on our website. We will respond as quickly as possible.

I am interested in Bariatric Advantage®, but I would like to first see and try the products before ordering.

We have a starter kit to allow you to see and try our products at an attractive price. The starter kit contains basic products that are suitable for anyone who has had bariatric surgery. Eleven days worth of multivitamins in the form of capsules and chewing tablets (two capsules or one chewing tablet per day). It also includes calcium (citrate) and whey powder samples. And we also provide a voucher code giving you 5 euros/Swiss francs off your next purchase.

For more details, see the starterkit product page.

What is the use of vitamins in active form and minerals with high biological availability? What is meant by high biological availability?
Biological availability, or bioavailability in short, refers to the extent to which a specific ingredient becomes available at the target site in the body. The higher the bioavailability, the higher the absorption of this ingredient and the higher the...
Is the Bariatric Advantage® range suitable for any type of surgery or does it distinguish between different types of surgery?
The Bariatric Advantage® range is suitable for any type of surgery. The dosage does not need to be adjusted according to the type of surgery. There is no risk of overdosing provided the recommended dosage...
After eating I feel nauseous and very tired. Is that normal?
That is possible. You probably suffer from dumping syndrome. Dumping syndrome is a term collectively used for symptoms that occur immediately or a few hours after eating. These symptoms may occur after eating or drinking too fast, eating too large portions...