What do you need for a delicious smooth NutriTotal chocolate shake?

  • 100 ml of milk or water. If you have a milk intolerance, you can replace the milk with water.
  • 1 measuring spoon of NutriTotal
  • The Bariatric Advantage® BlenderBottle (Shaker)

How to proceed?

Step 1: Take 1 measuring spoon of NutriTotal and pour this powder into the shaker.

Step 2: Fill the shaker to the 100 ml mark with milk or water.

Step 3: Place the BlenderBall in the shaker and make sure that it is properly closed.

Step 4: Shake well for about 15-20 seconds.

Step 5: Now it’s time for you to enjoy your delicious smooth NutriTotal chocolate shake!

To take 1 serving (= 3 measuring spoons) per day, repeat the above process three times throughout the day (morning, afternoon and evening).