Why take specific supplements and not standard supplements available in supermarkets?

Surgery has a significant impact on the body. Not only will the patient be able to eat less, he/she will also feel full faster. In addition, after a gastric bypass, the absorption of nutrients is limited because a portion of the small intestine is bypassed. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are unavoidable and it is therefore essential that they are supplemented quickly and efficiently.

This can best be achieved by choosing special supplements, because they meet 5 important criteria, all adapted to the patient's needs:

  1. Specific composition: rich in vitamins and minerals, in the correct quantities and in accordance with ASMBS* guidelines 
  2. Vitamins and minerals in specific forms so that they are absorbed better, faster and often also further in the intestine (this is especially important when a portion of the small intestine has been bypassed)
  3. Very easy to use: as chewable tablets (no water needed) or as powder that can be mixed with food
  4. No side effects
  5. Ease of use: 1 to 3 tablets or servings of powder a day are sufficient for the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals.

*American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery